Block Wandering Eyes and Solar Glare with Privacy Glass

The windows of a car are your source to view the outside world. However, they also serve another purpose, albeit maybe one that designers never intended.

While windows help you see out of your car, they also allow others to see inside. 

In some cases, this is a big problem. When wandering eyes see a car’s contents and notice valuables inside, some people may be tempted to break in. And even if they don’t, the notion of having one’s privacy invaded by curious spectators can be unnerving.

Privacy glass from Autobahn can be great for stopping these problems. Not only can film help darken windows so people can’t see inside, but they can also prevent the annoying and dangerous phenomenon of solar glare.

This makes privacy glass the type of vehicular modification that offers you multiple benefits. 

Man burglar steals the tablet of car

Why Privacy Glass is a Smart Safety Measure

There are plenty of things we do to keep our cars safe. When we park on inclines, we set the emergency brake. When we leave the vehicle unattended, we lock the doors. Some people may even have extra-sensitive car alarms installed.

But none of these can stop a determined thief who has seen valuables inside the car. A purse, some shopping bags, or even a cupholder full of change – it’s all fair-game to the thief who believes they can smash the window and make a quick getaway with the goods.

The best way to avoid this? Remove the temptation. This doesn’t mean you have to take everything out of your car – it simply means you may want to consider modifying the windows. Privacy glass gives you a way to stop wandering eyes from peeping inside.

Not only is this a great deterrent of theft, but it also great for general privacy. If you like being able to sit in your car without having people peek inside whether you’re at a stoplight or a busy parking lot, you’ll like Autobahn’s privacy glass.

But this type of window modification isn’t just beneficial for helping drivers avoid the nosey individuals of the world. It is also great for helping them deal with the sun’s glare.

Preventing Solar Glare for Comfort and Safety

When you’re on the road, there’s nothing more annoying that having the sun’s rays beam directly into your eyes. However, it isn’t just an annoyance – it is extremely dangerous as well.

Solar glare can cause you to squint, close your eyes, and look away to protect your eyes from serious harm, which in turn can put you (and others) in danger of crashing. Even with your visor down and sunglasses on, solar glare can still be a problem if it comes from the right angles.

The answer is to modify your windows with privacy glass, as this can also deter the problem of solar glare. 

Don’t let a problem like this cause you to be endangered or inconvenienced. When you get Autobahn’s privacy film, you can thwart potential thieves and runaway rays alike.