The World’s Highest Performing Automotive Window Tint

Why We’re Different


We are better because of the Professional Window Tinting companies that have chosen to do business with us.  This exclusive network of autobahn(tm) Dealers is the best group of businesses and professionals in our industry.  Their keen attention to detail will ensure your car is treated as one of their own. In addition their autobahn(tm) showrooms represent only the best products available in the window tinting and paint protection film (PPF) markets.

Why We’re Different


Huper Optik window films have been leading the industry for nearly 20 years.  Our product line includes Huper Optik advanced films and have a proven track record of performance, durability and clarity. We offer the best performing film available in the industry and Huper Optik Patented Nano-Ceramic technology is the first ceramic film with over 15 years of history, performance and durability.

Why We’re Different


You work with our professional designers to create a spa-like atmosphere for your customers while joining our network of inspired and dedicated Autobahn certified dealers. Helping to make your customers lives better, through the quality of our products and the power of your service.  Click here for more information about our autobahn Dealer Design Experience.

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