Good, Better, and Best Coverage with Paint Protection Film

Look closely – is that a dent, a chip, or a faded spot?

Every driver has had this experience when it comes to their vehicle. 

Whether a car is new or old, expensive or cheap, no one wants to watch their property chip away and deteriorate before their eyes.

But this is the reality for many drivers. 

The main purpose of a vehicle is to provide transportation. But this can lead to aesthetic damage that wears down the exterior. Pebbles flying onto the hood, salt building up over time, and even excess moisture bombarding a car’s exterior can wear down the paint.

Paint protection film can be a great investment, but how much is enough? Here’s a look at the coverage options and the benefits of each.

Good Protection Guards the Main Trouble Point

There are a few spots on a vehicle that can easily rack up damage no matter how careful the driver is or how attentive they are when it comes to maintenance.

Paint protection film can be used to cover the main portion of the front hood and front bumper where debris often fly up during travel. This area of the vehicle is at higher risk than all the others when it comes to standard damage to the paint job. 

Applying protective film offers good protection where it is most likely to be needed. Standard film protection can also cover the door edge guards, meaning a driver can take to the roads with confidence knowing their most vulnerable areas are shielded from harm.

Better Protection Means Less Worry

While the front of the hood and bumper are most susceptible to paint damage, other areas can also be at risk.

But some other areas like the front fender and even the side guards in front of the wheels can accrue damage. These are common places for salt to build up on winter-treated roads, or for moisture to accumulate from vehicles ahead on the roads.

Coverage for the fender and mirrors means even more value from paint protection film. It allows drivers to worry less when they’re headed toward their destination. Even on rough roads with a lot of debris or in the wettest of weather, paint protection film gets the job done.

The Best Coverage Guards All At-Risk Areas

While covering the front part of the hood and part of the fender can reduce the chance a vehicle will be damaged by debris, some people want a little more protection.

This goes beyond even covering the mirrors and fenders. The best protection from paint guarding film can be achieved by wrapping the entire hood and side fenders. This offers that extra bit of security a driver needs to know that the entire front of their vehicle is guarded from harm.

Paint protection film can provide a lot in the way of long-term savings and stress avoidance. There are a few options out there as far as the level of protection a person can get, but protective film is always a good investment.