Paint jobs are one of the most important aspects of any vehicle. Unfortunately, it can also be very hard to maintain.

Applying protective film to a vehicle means preserving the paint job and helping to retain its original luster.


No matter how great the paint job is, many elements can wear it down.

Everything from standard highway debris to excessive moisture could lead to fading, dings, and even peeling. Whether you park under trees or live in an area with lots of insects, there are many hazards that can affect your vehicle’s paint job. This makes PPP a smart long-term choice for looks and protection.

3 Types of Hazards to Paint 

1. Standard Hazards

No matter how carefully you drive, your vehicle will be in contact with debris on the road. This, combined with things like the sun’s rays, are common almost everywhere. Overtime they can lead to dings and fading.

Pot Hole

2. Environment-Specific Hazards


If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain or has high bug populations, it is possible these can wear down your vehicle’s paint job.

Owners in these areas usually pay heavily for touch-up appointments over the years if they don’t take some type of precautionary method.


3. The Hidden Hazards

Some things can damage a vehicle’s paint job though they’re rarely considered. Hazards in this category include road salt. When the roads are bad enough for salt, it can be easy to forget that this substance can wear down paint quickly. The same can be said for tree sap and bird droppings.



Protecting and Preserving a Paint Job



Not only does PPF help guard your vehicle’s paint job against a wide variety of hazards, but it also helps to add clarity to the existing look. This simple product can be viewed as both a detailing tool and a protective application.

With a formula highly resistant even to chemical agents, this film will guard the vehicle’s paint job and help the vehicle retain its value. No matter the make or model of a vehicle, keeping the outer appearance up is a great way to increase resale value.

Paint protection film protects owners from a variety of hazards, and helps them keep their vehicle in good shape for years to come.