Does Factory Window Tint Protect You?

Tinted windows are a stylish and sleek-looking addition to any vehicle.

Once a popular modification, tinted windows now come stock in many vehicles. While they can be great for helping you look good and retain your privacy, do they protect you against the sun’s rays?

We know it can be easy to assume that darker windows means better protection against the sun on a hot day. However, there are other solutions you can use which are far more effective at handling UV threats.

Why Many Vehicles Have Tinted Windows

Window tint is a stylish addition for any vehicle. Darkening the windows almost always complements any paint job the vehicle has, while providing a more formal and sporty appearance. Drivers sometimes choose vehicles with tinted windows solely because of the aesthetic benefits.

Another perk of tinted windows is the privacy they offer. We know it is never fun to think about someone looking in your car, especially when you’re not around to keep an eye on your property. Tinted windows limit the visibility outsiders have with your car, which can sometimes be enough to deter theft.

Why Factory Tinted Windows Aren’t Great for Protection

Darkening the windows of a vehicle may provide a small amount of protection against UV rays, but the effect isn’t anything substantial. Some drivers find they still deal with issues like a stuffy interior and sunburns while they’re on the road.

Factory tinted windows are not effective at preventing the sun’s rays from getting through windows because that wasn’t what they were designed for. We offer window tints and films created to block certain amounts of light and heat from getting through to your vehicle and its inhabitants.

Protecting You from the Sun

Whether you’re looking to cut down on visible light transmission into your vehicle or you’re looking to boost the rejection of ultraviolet rays, we offer the products you need. While window modifications were often done in the past to improve a vehicle’s appearance, their main purpose now is to shield people from the sun.

To find out more about getting your windows outfitted for protection from the sun, contact Autobahn today.