“Dave has been a standard-bearer for the autobahn program for over three (3) years. From his willingness to talk with prospective autobahn dealers any time about his experience with the brand to his relentless pursuit of fairness and honesty, Dave is an absolute joy to work with.

Although his experience brings to fruition many of the benefits of the autobahn program, his favorite benefit is the exlusive territory. I can add that his expression of that exclusivity is not to isolate himself but to use the confidence he has in his exclusivity to be a tremendous partner, trainer, and friend to every other autobahn dealer.

Dave has a great family and once in a while even lets his kids win at Nerf war!”

-Mark Carlson, autobahn(tm) International Brand Manager

“In addition to the business benefits, I feel Performa 20 as a product is unique in its exceptional color and performance – it practically sells itself.”

-Dave Kratz, Adams Window Tinting