How Much Paint Protection Film is Enough?

Good, Better, and Best Coverage with Paint Protection Film Look closely – is that a dent, a chip, or a faded spot? Every driver has had this experience when it comes to their vehicle.  Whether a car is new or old, expensive or cheap, no one wants to watch their property chip away and deteriorate [...]

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Why Window Films Are a Performance-Based Investment

People who spend money on car accessories and add-ons want the most in a new component. While some people purchase things for the vehicle based on how it will enhance the appearance, others take a more data-driven approach. Many drivers want those products that will help them get more value out of their vehicle. Enjoying [...]

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Window Films as an Aesthetic Modification

How Protective Film Makes Cars Look Better Most automobile owners appreciate the full package when it comes to their car. They want something that runs well and has a good amount of features for luxury and convenience. But looks are also important. Drivers often value the way their car looks very highly, with some even [...]

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Car Care for Aging Vehicles | Autobahn

Should Owners of Aging Vehicles Invest in Car Care Products? For some people, their vehicle is the perfect combination of looks, style, and functionality. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same. Some drivers find their vehicle is still special to them even if it has seen better days. But as vehicles get older and get [...]

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Why Should You Choose Dark Window Films?

3 Reasons to Consider Darkened Window Films For many people, vehicular accessories have to be big and easily noticeable.  More is truly more for people with this mentality, and while there’s nothing wrong with wanting these types of accessories, they usually have a big price tag and lengthy installation period associated with them. Others prefer [...]

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Paint Protection Film | A Secure Sap Shield 

Prepare Vehicles for Spring Sap with Paint Protection Film There’s a lot to love about spring – the warm temperatures, the blooming flowers, the relief of knowing heavy snow isn’t on the way. It’s a popular season for many reasons. But this doesn’t mean it has no drawbacks. That blooming may make for a beautiful [...]

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Negate These 8 Hazards with Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film: 8 Hazards it Protects Cars Against  A person’s car can be their pride and joy, the symbol of years’ worth of hard work, and their lifeline in certain situations. Because of the importance a vehicle has to its owner, it is only natural owners would look to protect their vehicles from all [...]

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Which Window Film Offers the Best Performance?

The World’s Highest Performing Automotive Window Films Performance – it’s a term synonymous with the car industry. But what exactly does it mean? When a car is advertised for its performance, it could be referring to the capabilities of the powertrain components, the fuel-efficiency, the driver-assisting tech specs, or a combination of all the above. [...]

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Using Window Film on Commercial Vehicles

Are Window Films a Good Investment for Commercial Vehicles? While everyone may desire to protect their vehicle, not all vehicles are used for the same purposes. Commercial vehicles are common at many work sites, whether they’re used for on-site services, transport/delivery needs, or both. These vehicles are considered to be very important investments by the [...]

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Protecting an Investment with PPF

While vehicles are an exciting purchase for anyone, there is always the problem of tying up one’s resources in an asset that is constantly depreciating.   No matter the make or model of a vehicle, time and use will wear it down. The good news is that there are ways a person can protect their [...]

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