Who is autobahn?

Maybe you expect to find an answer to “Who is autobahn” in terms of Gross Revenue, or Employees, or Patents? Maybe others answer this question in terms of Locations, or Press Releases, or Annual Reports?.

We at autobahn can surely find value in the answers to these questions above but indeed the answers to these questions is not “who we are”. The reason is that the most accurate answer to “Who is autobahn?” is found in our identity within the exclusive network of autobahn Dealers – the best group of car reconditioners and window tinters in the industry..

Therefore, what you will find here is that our identity is best found in the identity of those who make up our exclusive network and what specifically they have been doing to show themselves as industry leaders and how we are fortunate to call them partners and customers. “Who is autobahn?” —> they are.

Matthew Sandherr
Matthew SandherrWinner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – August 2016, January 2017

“Matt and his team bring a tremendous amount of energy and passion to the autobahn Program in Naples. Although he had a successful business in Pennsylvania for over ten (10 years, Matt and his family moved to Naples for both business and lifestyle opportunities and every day appreciates that decision.

In the past year, Matt has benchmarked his success in Huper Optik Ceramic C30 and C40 and says he ‘puts C70 on a windshield almost daily — the clarity is out of this world!

-Mark Carlson, autobahn(tm) International Brand Manager

“So here we are, in a market flooded with $99 shops, offering a much greater value and charging the right price. Not possible any other way. WE ARE MAJORLY DISRUPTING THE MARKET!!! The shops that have been here for decades, with multiple locations, watch our every move now. Also, we have more 5 star reviews than any other shop in SWFL. The No Fault No Hassle warranty enables us to provide the absolute greatest level of customer service in the market.”>-Matt Sandherr, Naples Tint

David Kratz
David KratzWinner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – April 2016, December 2016

“Dave has been a standard-bearer for the autobahn program for over three (3) years. From his willingness to talk with prospective autobahn dealers any time about his experience with the brand to his relentless pursuit of fairness and honesty, Dave is an absolute joy to work with.

Although his experience brings to fruition many of the benefits of the autobahn program, his favorite benefit is the exlusive territory. I can add that his expression of that exclusivity is not to isolate himself but to use the confidence he has in his exclusivity to be a tremendous partner, trainer, and friend to every other autobahn dealer.

Dave has a great family and once in a while even lets his kids win at Nerf war!”

-Mark Carlson, autobahn(tm) International Brand Manager

“In addition to the business benefits, I feel Performa 20 as a product is unique in its exceptional color and performance – it practically sells itself.”

-Dave Kratz, Adams Window Tinting

Brian Budnar
Brian BudnarWinner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – March 2016, June 2016, November 2016

“Brian is a competitive, hard-working business owner who has been in the autobahn(tm) Program for over a year. In that time he has been a strong advocate of autobahn’s product performance, continuing education, and geographic exclusivity.

In addition, Brian has been experiencing the typical autobahn(tm) consumer who is educated in technology and willing to hear more than just price.

We are so happy to have Brian as a partner who enjoys his down-time playing soccer and football with his kids, a cold craft beer, and chicken wings (good chicken wings!)”

-Mark Carlson, autobahn(tm) International Brand Manager

“Being provided the best knowledge, the best product, and the best brand makes it easy to be a step ahead of the competition. I’ve sold other products and could choose to sell others but I choose autobahn(tm)”

-Brian Budnar, iTint.com

Jason Carr
Jason CarrWinner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – February 2016, October 2016

“Jason pursues a craftsman-like quality and customer satisfaction as his top priorities making sure his customers are satisfied throughout the lifetime of their vehicle.

Working with autobahn for over a year, Jason leverages our exceptional warranty – lifetime, nationwide, no-fault, no-hassle, transferable warranty – to the benefit of his customers and his business.

Jason has been exemplary in balancing the demands of owning his own business and spending time outdoors fishing, boating, and traveling with his wife Kayla and his children Emma (12) and Maverick (9 months)”.

-Mark Carlson, autobahn(tm) International Brand Manager

“All the autobahn products are amazing but my favorite is the Ceramic 30. The quality is second-to-none and it looks amazing on every vehicle…”

-Jason Carr, Guardian Security Window Films

Jaime Sanchez
Jaime SanchezWinner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – September 2016

“Jaime came into the autobahn network this year and is already posting his success in a way that gets alot of attention on facebook! Jaime’s favorite product in the autobahn lineup is Xtreme due to its great color and the best look when matching privacy glass on trucks and SUVs

We really appreciate partners like Jaime who have a great balance in success at work and at home. Whether beating up his boys in video games (something I am still unable to do), having family grillouts, or just enjoying a cold beer after a long day at the shop, Jaime takes extreme care in both his work and with his beautiful family.

-Mark Carlson, autobahn(tm) International Brand Manager

“For my business the best thing about joining autobahn has been feeling like after ten years in the industry I finally have a true partner in my manufacturer. I really enjoy the personalized service that best suits my business, in achieving a higher level of service and quality for my customers.”>-Jaime Sanchez, Andrade Auto

Todd Smith
Todd SmithWinner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – July 2016

“Todd and his family-owned company have been an integral part of our success in the southeast for almost two years. As an active member of the autobahn family, TintSmith participates in our community by coaching newer dealers and engaging in all the cooperative meetings, bringing his experience for everyone to benefit.

TintSmith is especially successful with the autobahn Performa line of products because of its tremendous value for high performance.

While I love a good game of golf, I am smart enough not to play Todd for money since he is active on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour when he isn’t enjoying some down time with his wife Maria, his children Tiffany and Xander … and of course Josey!”

-Mark Carlson, autobahn(tm) International Brand Manager

“I appreciate the connection and relationship autobahn has between the manufacturer, distributor, dealer, and ultimately our mutual customer. Having that network of support gives us confidence in knowing the products we are selling and installing are the best.”

-Todd Smith, TheTintSmith.com