Make Your Car’s Windows Look Like the Commercials

When we see cars on TV, it can be tempting to try and replicate their appearance. 

We may like a lot about our cars – the body, the paint job, the make – but there are some aspects which could use an update.

Take the windows for example. Changing the appearance of windows may seem like a small touch, but it can have a big impact. Think of it in terms of fashion. Those accessories people wear may be small in size, but they can set off an entire outfit.

The same goes for your car. Adding a bit of a darkened hue to the windows can provide them with a fresh appearance that complements other design features. 

Window Tinting Like the Car Commercials

Cars in commercials always seem to exude a certain style. This style borders on luxury and sporty, in many cases falling into both categories. 

While commercials often use the newest and most modern cars possible for their ads, they also take great attention to the small aspects of the car. This includes the windows. Oftentimes they’re tinted, which lends to the stylish look.

Maybe it’s something about the mystique – darkened windows function like a pair of sunglasses, making people curious about what’s behind them. They also function as a great way to keep your car looking unique.

While it is true that many drivers want darkened windows for their car, it is also a unique feature. Not every car has these, and they don’t come standard on every new model. Having them installed on a car is a sure way to make it stand out.

Additional Benefits of Darkened Windows

Not all darkened windows are the same – but if you invest in window darkening technology from a company like Autobahn, you get a product that offers multiple other benefits as well.

For example, the Black line can reject nearly half of all solar energy. This means you keep your car cool, and reduce the reliance you have on your air conditioner. The benefits of a more comfortable ride and less wear on your car are massive – and they can be enjoyed by getting this simple modification.

The films are also designed to reject almost all ultraviolet light, while ensuring there’s no interference with electronic or radar equipment. 

Unlike inferior films, these offer the benefits of unmistakable aesthetics along with top-of-the-line solar control properties.

The Best Bang for the Buck

Making a car look like it belongs in a commercial is tough – especially if your budget is limited. But sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can have the biggest impact.

Darkened windows can do a lot for a car by helping to improve its appearance without making major changes to the body or paint job. Dark windows makes other aspects of the car stand out, while also providing solar control benefits.

Let your car shine by darkening its windows – make it look like the rides from TV while also helping your car beat the heat.