Dealer Design Experience

autobahn™ Dealer Design Experience

Step into the Autobahn Experience.

Watch the video and then download our 4-panel double-gate fold brochure by clicking the button, or scroll to explore the online brochure. Then, contact us to set up a consultation!

In a Typical Automotive Program…

1. Out-of-touch executives decide what is best for everyone, globally.

2. A “One Size Fits All” program arrives at your shop.

3. The executives might have guessed right for you, or they might be wrong.

But in autobahn™’s Custom Design Program…

1. Autobahn™ starts with you, in your shop, listening to your needs.

2. Autobahn™ works with you to create a custom-made design for your space.

3. Your autobahn™ experience is always a perfect fit because it starts and ends with YOU.

First, be Proud of What You Built



Let’s see what kind of space and options you have. We will perform a “virtual demo day” to see what our designers have to start from.

Then Let’s Clear Away Yesterday



With a blank slate, our designers will perform an EXTREME SHOP MAKEOVER to see the potential you have explode onto the page.

And See What Tomorrow Holds



From every angle and every customer experience, the design of your autobahn™ shop will match the high performance and luxury experience your customers expect.

Autobahn Dealer Design Experience – Values and Goals

  • Shop conveys unity, not just uniformity
  • You have pride in what you built and what we design
  • Your customers will perceive competence
  • Customers will value your consistency
  • We design with intentional space management
  • We focus on cleanliness, openness, and brightness
  • We give careful consideration to the first impression
  • Give your customers another reason to talk about your shop

Introducing: Autobahn Nashville!


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14173 Northwest Freeway, Suite 157

Houston, TX 77040