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New autobahn Point of Sale Rack (and Cards)

Use these new Point-of-Sale (POS) tools in your autobahn showroom!  These are a low-cost way to reinforce your autobahn brand at only $29 for the rack and $9 each for 100 cards.  Cards are available in the autobahn Dealer Store for Black, Performa, Ceramic, Select, Road Guard PPF, and Car Care Products.

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Quality Ceramic Window Film Rejects Heat

Quality Ceramic Window Film Rejects Heat Windows are good for keeping intruders and pests out of your vehicle. But what about heat? Many people think that tinted windows are all they need to keep the heat from overwhelming them once the temperature rises. Unfortunately, factory tints are usually designed for style and privacy over protection. [...]

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Does Factory Window Tint Protect You?

Does Factory Window Tint Protect You? Tinted windows are a stylish and sleek-looking addition to any vehicle. Once a popular modification, tinted windows now come stock in many vehicles. While they can be great for helping you look good and retain your privacy, do they protect you against the sun’s rays? We know it can [...]

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Benefits of Automotive Window Film for Parents

Benefits of Automotive Window Film for Parents We know how important it is for parents to protect their children during travel. When the sun is beaming down, it can make for a beautiful day. Unfortunately, it can also present some health concerns – especially for young people. Depending on how old your child is, they [...]

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Window Film Prevents Solar Glare

Window Film Prevents Solar Glare The sun’s rays can look beautiful on a warm day, but even this natural phenomenon can become excessive. When the sun is too bright, it can present many problems. While most people immediately think of things like sunburns or heat exhaustion, solar glares are a major threat as well – [...]

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Matthew Sandherr Winner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – January 2017

“Matt and his team bring a tremendous amount of energy and passion to the autobahn Program in Naples. Although he had a successful business in Pennsylvania for over ten (10 years, Matt and his family moved to Naples for both business and lifestyle opportunities and every day appreciates that decision. In the past year, Matt [...]

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David Kratz Winner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – December 2016

“Dave has been a standard-bearer for the autobahn program for over three (3) years. From his willingness to talk with prospective autobahn dealers any time about his experience with the brand to his relentless pursuit of fairness and honesty, Dave is an absolute joy to work with. Although his experience brings to fruition many of [...]

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Brian Budnar Winner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – November 2016

“Brian is a competitive, hard-working business owner who has been in the autobahn(tm) Program for over a year. In that time he has been a strong advocate of autobahn’s product performance, continuing education, and geographic exclusivity. In addition, Brian has been experiencing the typical autobahn(tm) consumer who is educated in technology and willing to hear [...]

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Jason Carr Winner Dealer Facebook Post of the Month – October 2016

“Jason pursues a craftsman-like quality and customer satisfaction as his top priorities making sure his customers are satisfied throughout the lifetime of their vehicle. Working with autobahn for over a year, Jason leverages our exceptional warranty – lifetime, nationwide, no-fault, no-hassle, transferable warranty – to the benefit of his customers and his business. Jason has [...]

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